How to Choose a Good Whizzinator

whizzinator20latino_large-600x600Some people work in places where they need to take a regular or impromptu drug test. While this is alright those random test may take place when you just had a little entertainment with your friends the day before which means that if you take the test, you will have traces of drugs in your system. What then happens when you have to take the test, and you know what the results will be? Well, that is where whizzinators come in. A whizinator is a fake crotch which has a storage that is installed where the synthetic urine is stored. In fact, if no one knows you have a Whizzinator touch sensitive valve, they will not suspect a thing. If at all you are thinking of buying a whizzinator, there are a few things that you should know to make the best choice.

First, consider the brand of the whizzinator before making your purchase. You are better off with a whizzinator that is of a reputable brand. Look for brands that have a long record of being high-quality and discrete as possible. This will help you be successful and avoid detection. Therefore, look at the reviews that a brand has and ask around to have an idea what sort of brand it is. If you find that a particular brand has a lot of negative reviews you should avoid that brand altogether.

Another thing that you need to factor in is the cost of the Whizzinator for sale because at the end of the day it affects your pocket. It is always good to do a bit of research to get an idea of what the market prices are. This will save you from wasting money unnecessarily on a whizzinator that is too expensive when you can always find another one that works fine at a more affordable price.

Also, find a whizzinator that is discreet. Trust me; you will not be able to achieve anything is from the onset people can tell that there is something odd about your crotch area. Therefore, find a whizzinator that is compact and can be securely fastened so that it does not look out of place.

It is also vital that the synthetic urine has a formula that resembles that of real urine. If the urine is detected to be odd or fake, that could mean game over for you. Therefore, find out from reviews if the synthetic urine that they use is as real as can be so that you go undetected.


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